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I should be at Spring Cottage this weekend but after the exhaustion and sadness of last weekend, I can’t face any more driving and, frankly, I want to be somewhere surrounded by friends and family. But here are some pictures of neighbouring Over Stowey that I took in mid February.

countryside around Over Stowey Somerset

Over Stowey churchyard

Over Stowey letterbox

war memorial Over Stowey cemetery

grey sky with birds in bare branches

WWI soldier's grave

I wonder about this First World War soldier and how he died – his is a lone war grave at Over Stowey. But I am glad that, at least, his body could be repatriated to lie in this country graveyard close to where he and his family spent their lives. It doesn’t say how old he was on his gravestone but I’ve done a bit of research and it seems he was born in 1887 and was one of five children born to a local family, who still live in the area. May he rest in peace beneath the Somerset skies and may we be mindful of the sacrifice that he and his family made, so that people like me – descendants of the fallout of another war – could wander in peaceful churchyards almost a century later.

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