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This post on Twitter made me wonder about the possible back story to the finding of a wedding ring in the street.

Perhaps Elizabeth threw the ring at Andres in the street because he was running off with her best friend, which she had discovered by reading an incoming text message while he was in the loo in the pub.

Perhaps the ring was stolen during the night along with a lot of other jewellery from her dressing table and had slipped out of the thief’s bag of swag en route to his fence.

Perhaps she had trained so hard to get out of the corps de ballet, that the ring had fallen off her now almost skeletal finger, as she hurried to catch a train to a rehearsal.

Perhaps it was his ring and he had thrown it to the ground at the news that she had left him, a mere accountant, for a 58-year-old ‘has-been’ drummer in a rock band.

Perhaps it had been a marriage of convenience and, the need for it over now, the visa obtained, it could be discarded.

Perhaps he or she had realised they were gay and could not continue in the heterosexual travesty of a relationship that their marriage had proved to be.

So many possibilities. What do you think happened? Will we ever know what happened next?

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