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Floodtime:  We had a pipe burst in the loft over the kitchen and I learned to leave the heating on and turn off the water at the mains when I leave.



Repairtime: So many things wrong with the house all of a sudden that it became rather depressing to be here but we got through it.


In which my neighbour brought me some eggs from the farm, Spring Cottage had lots of visitors and I was reimbursed for the flood by the insurance.


When Spring arrived at the cottage, as did a lorryload of logs, and the house was painted. We also celebrated our first year here.



Started with a bang. On the day I collected my new car, I had a crash. Racing, double-barrelled cow driving the other car, who then lied about what happened. I’m still annoyed…



We settled into enjoying the cottage this month, with visitors and summer times in the garden. Nice that the pace slowed down a little.


During which nothing much happened and blogging really almost stopped, only to be followed by…



During which the blog went public. I had a holiday down here, and blogged like a woman possessed. I also journeyed to the beautiful Montacute House, south of here, and did lots of gardening.

riding clothesSeptember

Brought the discovery that what I thought was mainly an ornamental vine in the garden, actually had grapes on it. I also celebrated the first comment on the blog and went riding for the first time.

autumn leavesOctober

October arrived with the cheque from the insurers for the car accident in May. It took five months for them to settle the claim, because they are a pile of idiots. I started having riding lessons.


In which Spring Cottage had eight lads to stay and there was the first snow before Christmas for many years.


Was cold and frosty, with snow covering everything for the best part of a fortnight. It was frustrating not to be able to get to the cottage despite the Tank – although this was mostly cowardice rather than practicality.

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 brings all the things everyone wishes for, combined with good health and happiness.

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red grapesToday’s delight: the vine, on this cool and windy hillside, has grapes on. Tiny and pretty inedible but grapes, actual grapes, nonetheless.

Car boot sale in Nether Stowey this morning –  must be one of the last ones of the season. Much smaller than usual but nice, normal people selling their old junk rather than the dealery types who turn up sometimes and charge ridiculous amounts. Gloriously sunny and warm – quite a contrast to the blustery hillside at home. I spent the princely sum of £6 on a Lloyd Loom dressing table stool, which needs serious renovation, and a huge woodbasket. Then I fell in love with a 10-week-old Jack Russell puppy, which a man talking to the pasty stall ladies (Help for Heroes) was selling – puppy-farm alarm bells.

water bird picturesHere are my water birds in the bathroom. If you click on them, they’ll enlarge so that you can see their funny, almost smiley faces. I only had to drill all the holes twice because I changed my mind about how to hang them – thank goodness for Photoshop, which is quicker than Polyfilla for repairing the results. And, of course, no sooner had I put all the tools away, than I realised I’d forgotten to put up one upstairs…

I need to be outside today to beat off the fug that’s constantly in my head at the moment. So, it’s lawn-mowing and strimming for me, once the dew’s dried off the grass. Hours later, cut grass blown everywhere, the lawn is trimmed (three cuts as it was so long neglected) but the banks don’t look quite right anymore, like the boy you fancied at school, after he’d had a haircut.


grass cuttings

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