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Strindberg Museum

Last week, on a very cold day I visited the Strindberg Museum in Stockholm, desperate to get inside out of the cold. It was billed as an exhibition of August Strindberg‘s life presented in his apartment. I thought it would be interesting to see where he lived but it was a bit disappointing. The exhibition was just literally in his apartment – no attempt had been made to furnish the rooms or give any idea of what it would have looked like as a home, which wasn’t the impression I got from the description. However…

On my way out, I decided to walk down the stairs rather than take the little old lift. I’m so glad that I did. The house, which he called ‘the little blue tower’, was a total gem. I hadn’t really taken in the building on my way up. When you get indoors after hours in sub zero temperatures, stamping snow off your boots, grappling with gloves, hat, umpteen bags and guide book, the first thing you’re thinking about is generally not the architecture.

In a quarter of Stockholm which is filled with mainly art nouveau buildings (this lovely building below was just around the corner), the Strindberg house was a really great example, although quite plain on the outside.

The building, on the corner of a busy shopping street, is still lived in by private people, while some of the apartments given over to organisations, mostly related to Strindberg or drama.

I don’t think I’d mind living somewhere like this.

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It probably doesn’t take a genius to work out that I’ve been away. Somewhere very much colder than the UK. Somewhere the recession hasn’t touched. Somewhere buzzing with confidence and style.

I have never happily tramped so many miles dressed in so many clothes.

Or been so surprised by so much wonderful, art nouveau architecture

or so many beautiful baroque buildings in a city that manages simultaneously to exist so vibrantly in the present day.

A place where people shovel snow from the roofs of buildings, so that it doesn’t spontaneously avalanche off and kill passers by.

Where can it be?

It’s Stockholm. I’ll be telling more stories about it soon. But now it’s time to catch up on some well-earned rest.



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