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Having said I wasn’t going to blog every day, I’m now doing it anyway. How ironic! However, through a magazine brought in by a friend while I was ill last week, I’ve discovered these marvellous glove makers based in Dorset, so I just have to put them in. Southcombe Brothers Ltd have been a family business since the 19th century. Until recently they were making only specialist gloves, as the demand for British made gloves had tapered off, following the availability of cheaper imports. These days they make a wide range of gloves in the most beautiful leathers for a very reasonable price, and having had sound advice about trends and design, they are rapidly gathering a following. The gloves are still traditionally made by craftspeople, with the leather for each pair selected specially for its grain so that they fit really well.

I’m finding it very hard to resist buying a pair of these pink lovelies for my daughter, who would adore them, as she is a very Pippi Longstocking type of character.

I rather fancy some of these quite
saucy handwarmers for myself, to keep my hands warm while I’m working.

For those of a more conservative persuasion there are lots of much more traditional gloves for both men and women on offer. But for those who still like a quirky twist, I thought this pale blue suede pair were lovely.

You can buy online from their website. I’m beginning to wish I had a shop that could stock all the fabulous things that I been finding. In fact, perhaps there’s the germ of an idea there…

Postscript: in case anyone’s wondering about the logic of writing about Dorset; it’s one of our neighbouring counties and where I originally started looking for a cottage.

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