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After  a night of much needed rain, today dawned overcast and blustery. Delighted as I was for the garden, I felt for the people of Nether Stowey whose May Fair it was (I will not spell it Fayre as they do, as we are not in the sixteenth century). I went along anyway, as they always have an art exhibition in the church hall, and I have bought a couple of nice works there previously.

Nether Stowey May Fair

There were some nice pieces in the exhibition, particularly by local artists Alison Jacobs, Joanna Wright and Craig Marshall (the vicar). But I wasn’t tempted this year, having been a bit profligate of late.

The fair was a bit quiet this year and it looked like some stalls hadn’t materialised due to the weather, which was a shame, but what was there was really nice – lots of local produce, plants, jams, cakes and traditional activities, such as morris dancing, test your strength, and skittles.

I had a delicious venison burger for lunch but decided to leave the cakes for others.

Cake stall wares

The children were watching a Punch and Judy show but unfortunately it finished just as I got there and, as I am feeling a bit under the weather, I didn’t have the heart to hang on for another hour until the next one. I’m sure there will have been enough customers though.

punch and judy show

The best activity, however, is the Duck Derby. This is pretty specific to Nether Stowey because one of the main streets has a long gulley running down one side of the road, over which the houses must be reached via little bridges. Every year they hold a race at the fair, where yellow rubber ducks are launched downstream and the winner gets a prize. Much excitement always ensues and it makes me wish I had small children who could take part.


This seems an appropriate point to mention that my trip to last year’s May Fair was the first I made in my car on the day of my accident picking the newly bought car up from the garage in Taunton. I am really pleased that, after a year of arguing and feeling aggrieved that the other party was continuing to deny liability for the accident, I heard from my insurers that, after threatening her with court action, they had recovered all their costs from her insurers after all, which means that I am no longer considered at fault, which is important as my insurance premiums are dependent on that, despite the fact that I had a protected no claims bonus. Now, I have to see if my new insurers will reduce their premium because of this latest news. Either way, I am feeling very happy and vindicated by this outcome.

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