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Exhausted after spending the entire weekend painting the garage. It needed treating so, rather than smother it in creosotey stuff, I decided to paint it a colour. Partly because it was a lovely bleached out grey in parts and I didn’t want a fake wood colour. This was the result of two days dodging rain showers and wind. Feel as weather beaten as if I’d been on a boat all weekend!


The only other thing I did all weekend was pick some daffodils from the garden. I say daffodils but now that I look at them, I realise how very lucky I am to have a cottage where the previous owner was a talented gardener or at least employed a skilled gardener. Because there are at least seven different types of narcissi out there. And they smell fantastic!


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Floodtime:  We had a pipe burst in the loft over the kitchen and I learned to leave the heating on and turn off the water at the mains when I leave.



Repairtime: So many things wrong with the house all of a sudden that it became rather depressing to be here but we got through it.


In which my neighbour brought me some eggs from the farm, Spring Cottage had lots of visitors and I was reimbursed for the flood by the insurance.


When Spring arrived at the cottage, as did a lorryload of logs, and the house was painted. We also celebrated our first year here.



Started with a bang. On the day I collected my new car, I had a crash. Racing, double-barrelled cow driving the other car, who then lied about what happened. I’m still annoyed…



We settled into enjoying the cottage this month, with visitors and summer times in the garden. Nice that the pace slowed down a little.


During which nothing much happened and blogging really almost stopped, only to be followed by…



During which the blog went public. I had a holiday down here, and blogged like a woman possessed. I also journeyed to the beautiful Montacute House, south of here, and did lots of gardening.

riding clothesSeptember

Brought the discovery that what I thought was mainly an ornamental vine in the garden, actually had grapes on it. I also celebrated the first comment on the blog and went riding for the first time.

autumn leavesOctober

October arrived with the cheque from the insurers for the car accident in May. It took five months for them to settle the claim, because they are a pile of idiots. I started having riding lessons.


In which Spring Cottage had eight lads to stay and there was the first snow before Christmas for many years.


Was cold and frosty, with snow covering everything for the best part of a fortnight. It was frustrating not to be able to get to the cottage despite the Tank – although this was mostly cowardice rather than practicality.

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 brings all the things everyone wishes for, combined with good health and happiness.

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Came down to find the house painted a strange flesh-pink. Not at all what I was after but perhaps the second coat will do what I was aiming for – plaster. Painting was rained off, and I spent the day working while my gutterless roof dripped. Been lucky with the weather so far, but this weekend is likely to be wet, so I hope there’s no damage resulting from not having the gutters up. Andy’s certainly thorough, no one who’s painted my house before ever took the gutters off.

The garden’s looking lovely – lots of narcissi and a few tulips and those things I want to call parsnips all the time – primulas – everywhere. I now know why I keep getting the name wrong because cowslips are in the same family of primulae. It comes from the Latin Primus, meaning first. The first flowers of the spring. I suppose the real first flowers – snowdrops – are winter flowers. Also i discovered that there is still life in the pond after the winter’s deaths. Not quite sure whether I was looking at a newt or a very large tadpole, I think the latter, but I was very happy to see that something has survived, or returned.

Went to pick up the new car. By this time I’d decided that I really didn’t want it and was feeling very sad about the poor little A-Class. As if to vindicate my feelings, I was about two thirds of the way home when a woman driving an MG Midget sports car crashed right into me on a bend. Her brakes didn’t seem to work at all and she just slid into me after I’d come to a halt. There would have been room to pass too, if she’d slowed down. I’d probably had the new car 10 minutes and I’d only driven four and a half miles! Luckily mine was driveable as I was really worried about having two cars (!) and not being able to drive either one and ruining my weekend. This feels like a really bad omen but I have to not think like that. But I feel I’m slightly in “serves you right” territory. I’m never going to be able to get used to being able to do these things.

Stashed the A-Class in the garage, after loading up all the kindling and trundling it down to the woodshed. Then I went to Nether Stowey, driving very, very tentatively, where there was a May Fair. No maypole, but morris dancers, street traders, folk singers and, because the village has a stream running down a deep open gully at the side of the high street, a duck derby, with children racing numbered yellow rubber ducks. I bought two paintings at the exhibition in the church – I hope they are better decisions than the colour of the house and the ruddy car.  I’ll see on Monday afternoon when I pick them up.

J left a message to say that her stepfather died yesterday. Very sad. Puts things into perspective.

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Looking forward to seeing the freshly painted Spring Cottage which is almost finished. Lady-Gardener reports that it’s looking ‘fantastic’, which is just as well since it’s costing quite a lot more than quoted. But that’s always the way. Going down tonight.

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Very torn between needing to be at home for the exam period and needing to get things fixed up down at Spring Cottage. There is a mountain of things in the living room, which need to be taken there, and I need to check on how the painting is going. I have paid half the painter’s costs, against my better judgement, so I hope he has been doing a good job. Further frustration resulting from a last minute dinner invitation for tonight, which I’ve accepted, but which means I won’t be heading west until Saturday morning. I hate the feeling of there not being enough hours to do everything I want to do. Had a sensible talk with myself on the bus to remind myself that this is really the last weekend, that this will strictly apply. The next two are definite London ones as the exams will be in full session, and then the issue will disappear.

This weekend should see: putting up the house sign and mowing at the very least. I also want to test the mobile broadband which I have finally succeeded in installing on my computer after two weeks of fiddling and reading geeky blogs online. I hope the reception is better than in London (unlikely) or else it will be back to BT. All the other stuff – purchases, new blinds, etc., will have to stay packed up until the painting is finished.

This must be the most boring blog on earth.

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It’s Easter Monday and it’s like the grave in London.

Rather nervous now that I’ve exchanged on the cottage and am beginning to realise fully that this is really going to change my life. That’s what I wanted but it’s still weird. Trepidation. Just like any move, I suppose.

I’m really looking forward to going down to Somerset again. But feel quite frustrated that there’s  woodworm treatment, electrical work and painting that needs to be done, before I can really get going on the place and move in properly. Actually the frustration is more that I have to be in London while I’d like to get stuck in down there full-time at the moment.

I got some cardboard boxes from the local Syrian food shop so that I can start sorting things out to take down there next time I go. Never make a journey with an empty car. I find I have two of so many things. So it’s good that they are going to a new home rather than just sitting in the cupboard. At least it makes me feel that I’m doing something. Also I want the cottage to be full of familiar things, not full of new stuff. I want it to look lived in and loved from the start.

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