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In the States for a wedding for the second time this year, I’ve been catching up with some of the faded 1930s glamour of Palm Springs.

In between the strip malls and the highways, you can still just about make out the original developments that brought the Hollywood stars of the thirties and forties out here for their getaways.

It’s a strange place where elderly men walk around looking like this:

We came across this movie theatre emptying out onto the street after a performance if what I like to imagine was a vintage film from the middle of the 20th century – the audience mostly in their seventies and eighties.

One elderly woman, beautifully coiffed, with a slim legs and a dancer’s erect bearing, wearing silver heels and a short, strapless dress was walking along with a much younger man, who proudly announced: “It’s her 89th birthday today,” before posing her on a traffic island and taking a photo. His mother? Maybe…

Unfortunately, I was too English to take her picture.

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