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Now, I actually saw a woman walking her dog in these boots in London this week. Of course, I noticed them. That’s the point, I suppose, but, as Rachel Johnson, editor of the magazine The Lady, pointed out last weekend, country people wear wellies from Homebase or Countrywide. LIKE ME! I want to shout. LIKE ME! Not that I don’t have welly envy from time to time, when I see a nice pair of Hunters. But Jimmy Choo Hunters at £225 are not for me – even if I was wandering about on this evening, just looking, of course… Hunters, who are serious welly makers of long standing, (I remember buying some huge black ones in a ships’ chandlers in north Norfolk about 25 years ago with my ex-husband, because they were the only make that went up to a size 12 – they were for him, not for me) must be laughing all the way to the bank. Anyway, I’m heading to Spring Cottage with my friend Mrs Honeytree this weekend. She owns a fine pair of Hunters and I look forward to coveting them.

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