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Those who follow me on Twitter may have got the gist of the fact that I have been hedge cutting this weekend. This is a job I should have long since found someone else to do, but for reasons to do with the length of time it takes to cut it, and needing to coordinate with whoever would do it, after two years, I am still doing it myself. This year, it’s been worse than usual because I hadn’t cut it for several months, when usually I try to keep on top of it a bit more than that, and I had about a foot of new growth to trim lane bounded by tall hedgerows

Here is a picture of the lane with the cottage on the left. Where the big pointy tree on the left is, is the end of the hedge. Where I am taking the photograph from is where it starts. It has two sides and a top, which takes about three days to cut completely, if I pace myself, although I have done it in two. I have a rather posh battery powered hedge trimmer, which runs out of power quite quickly but isn’t very heavy, and a pair of telescopic shears. I went for these quite lightweight options because I have carpal tunnel syndrome and am recovering from tennis elbow, and didn’t want to aggravate either with a heavy electric trimmer. So I end up doing it for days instead. Hmm.

a ladder, a hedge, a country lane

In case there’s any foreshortening in the first picture and it’s not completely clear how long this hedge is, here is a picture of the upper part. The neat bit by the ladder is the bit that I had done the top and road-side of when I took the picture. On either side of the ladder, I had only done the road side, so you can see how much there was to do. Am I labouring this point a little?

Anyhow, suffice to say that I’ve been doing it for two days now, and I’ve still about a third of it to do… I’m saving this post until tomorrow when I’ve finished so that I can add a picture of the completed thing. Assuming that it gets finished, of course.

Postscript: well, the heavens finally opened on Bank Holiday Monday, so not only could I not finish cutting the hedge but I also didn’t feel up to riding in the persistent, but extremely welcome, drizzle, which had been the plan. I think the rain was actually a blessing in disguise because I really wasn’t feeling great at all. I think, had it been fine, I would probably have started in on the hedge, gone riding, and then been totally the worse for wear and incapable. This way, I just feel fed up that I didn’t finish the job and that I baled out of the ride (and barbecue at the farm) which I’d been looking forward to, but at least my hands still vaguely work, although my forearms are sore despite extensive stretching. Really, who needs a gym?

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