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Another flying visit to Spring Cottage. The garden even more wonderfully in bloom than last weekend but incredibly blustery, wild weather. Trimmed the 100ft long hedge and gave myself very achy hands, but at least it can be done without needing a ‘little man’ to help. I hadn’t realised how much gardening there was going to be – just as well that I enjoy it!

I travelled down by way of ‘The Forge at Wells’ which sounded very picturesque but ended up being on a trading estate (in a rather nice village just outside Wells). I travelled a ridiculous way there down some very winding roads, and am beginning to think that if I keep on relying on Google for directions, then I might as well get a Sat Nav – or start using maps properly again. Anyway, very nice man there to help put things for the fireplace in the car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take him home to help at the other end, so I ended up staggering into the house with the 19kg fireback, which ended up trapping my by the arm as I overbalanced as I was putting it on the floor. Had visions of dying there on the hearth, trapped by a slab of cast iron and unable to call for help.

All the small bits and pieces I’ve managed to bring down over the last three weeks are starting to make the place feel more inhabited, so i was able to spend the evening actually sitting in the living room. I tried to make a fire but being rather unprepared – having only a few logs that were left in the house, I ended up just singeing one of them because I didn’t have enough kindling to keep the thing alight long enough. It’s a wonder anything ever burns down. Put the central heating on instead, even though it’s mid May. At least I can manage to light the boiler.

It rained heavily on Sunday, so I came back to London earlier than I’d expected. The drive is seeming shorter now that I’m getting used to it but I think I’m going to have to see if I can get audio books or something as repeated Radio 4 programmes can get on the nerves, although I’m now incredibly well informed on current affairs, or rather, one current affair, that of MPs and their bloody expenses. When will we stop hearing about that? Good programme about Icelanders going back to eating sheep’s heads instead of pizza. Rather them than me, though.

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