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Ok, so at the moment this blog isn’t really about Spring Cottage at all. But it’s a great place for me to remember all the things I want to make and do. A couple of days ago, I was waxing lyrical about the Pickles website with their lovely wreath-making tutorial. Having a bigger delve on the site today, I found something quite close to my heart – well, not actually my heart at all. More like my bottom.

My lovely bike has a Brooks leather seat, which is marvellously comfortable and beautiful to behold but, like many vintage inspired things, is not quite as practical as its more modern counterpart. I’m willing to put up with this but, I was also quite happy to find this pattern for a seat cover that you can make out of waxed cotton fabric or oil cloth. Not that anything with a seam would protect your bike seat in a real downpour, but if you slipped it on after returning to a sodden bike, it would save your bottom from a certain amount of wet-throughness, unless your ride home was particularly long. Much more elegant than the old plastic bag that normally travels around with me, so I think this just has to be added to my ‘to do’ list. And a perfect thing to make out of a remnant of oilcloth, or if you find a wonderful bit of fabric going cheap somewhere, like this bright, cheery and also rather retro Mexican oilcloth which only costs £4 for half a metre.

Postscript: Visit Viva La Frida where the finished results of my handiwork have been featured.

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